Jouissance on ACL’s top 20 albums of 2017

ACL 2017 ~ The Top 20 Albums of the Year


ACL 2017 // The Happiest Music of the Year

Jouissance is on A Closer Listen‘s list of ‘The Happiest Music of the Year’.

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Review roundup #1

Nice little write-up from Acid Ted:

Joydah are from Wales. And this is as far from the close harmony singing of Welsh cliché as you can get. It’s a big spatter of chopped strings, backwards sounds, electronics, post rock guitars, a little hip hop and a massive amount of hwyl. Think The Polyphonic Spree put through the blender with lava bread and the surf on Rhossili Bay. Each track a joy and a thrill to uncover. A bit of cymruddyfodoliaeth I guess. And all for ‘name your price.’ Absurd.